Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DREAM 11.30.09 Mobsters In the Closet

At night, a group of us return home from a trip. I go to my bedroom to unpack but when I open the closet to hang something up, it doesn't feel right. I know there are mobsters with guns hiding in the closet, waiting for us. They shot into the closet door already--we didn't hear them because they have silencers--and the bullets lodged in the wood. I know all this because it feels like a film I have seen before and I'm watching it again. I know that at this moment, I should run. I dash out the front door, to the neighbor’s house, into the backyard so I can peer over the fence to keep an eye on what's happening. There will come a moment when I can rescue my friends from the mobsters—I know this because this is what happened before, in the film.

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