Friday, December 4, 2009

DREAM 12.3.09 Count Rudy Wexner

On a plane, the captain announces our landing but as we descend I see we are landing in the Colorado wilderness. The captain says we're going to attempt a water landing. I see a shallow river below us and I'm relieved: no deep water, or life boats. We've landed near a classic small town with an old-fashioned Main Street. I feel as if I have been here before; the town's name is on the tip of my tongue.
Walking down Main Street with a local man, I'm trying to find my way back home but don’t have any money. I have to stay until I find a way. A sign on a store says it's making a donation of food and a place to stay to Count Rudy Wexner. That’s me! My companion asks if I'm a Count. I say yes! I go in to get the donations. It's a jewelry store and the owner is very nice. Everyone in this town is very nice. I'm slowly realizing that being here is actually a wonderful accident. It's beautiful and the pace of life is slower, more satisfying.

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