Friday, June 11, 2010

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I just discovered this video (that was apparently unreleased until now) of a New Order song from 1981 called "Everything's Gone Green."
I have always loved this song because it is warped and disorienting...and despite the fact that it is a "dance" song with a beat, it is a sombre affair. It's a little scary too, which is why I like it. I adore the bass tolling like a funeral bell that starts around the :24 second mark--and the confusing surge of sound that starts at the :33 and 3:11 marks. Genius.

The images really suit the music too but it's difficult to put my finger on why. Maybe it is the implied sense of violence or danger from this crowd-control-weapons demonstration for the LA Police in 1963 that fits so well with the restrained, bubbling, seething sense of the music. Something is about to happen. And it isn't good.
Even the intrusion of the near-subliminal graphics adds to the insidious nature of the piece.

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