Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iamamiwhoami IN CONCERT

I have followed the iamamiwhoami/ Jonna Lee project very closely so it is with gret excitement that I share with you this amazing footage of Jonna performing live and playing the main body of the iamamiwhoami songs.

To dream up this site-specific performance art live concert at sunrise, let alone execute such a thing, is simply incredible. A journey from darkness to light both literally and figuratively, and laden with the kind of symbology we have come to expect from the brilliant collective mind of iamamiwhoami, the concert was seemingly filmed in one long take. Bu there are cuts--they are simply done in a clever, hidden, "Hitchcock" sort of way.

Making an appearance in this live, highly theatrical and highly stylized concert are elements from the original videos such as fluorescent strip lights, the red berry of the mandrake plant, carboard boxes, plenty of packing tape (fashioned into beards), dancing men in white briefs, and the creepy wooden puppet with hemp hair.

Part One is a mostly silent nine minute journey to the forest concert site. Part Two begins the concert proper. It might be a long haul for some, but if you are a fan and have been follwoing the amazing journey Jonna Lee has taken us on, stay with it until the animals from the original iamamiwhoami mystery make their toast and their respective noises, sounding out the word "bounty."

Wikipedia has an entry that gives a nice overview of all the videos and concert footage. Only an interpretation is lacking...

And of course, view all the original videos on the iamamiwhoami YouTube channel:

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