Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--James Hart Dyke

James Hart Dyke has completed a series of paintings based on his time with MI6, the British version of the CIA.

From his official website:
"2009 was the centenary year of the British Secret Service (SIS). To mark the occasion they invited artist James Hart Dyke behind their closed doors and into the secret world of espionage. The resulting series of paintings and drawings now forms the object of a selling exhibition at Mount Street Galleries, London. The pictures represent an outsider’s unique interpretation of an existence that, for those who work in SIS, can often be dangerous and surreal."

His work is beautifully engaging, combining a sort of classicism/ realism but with a lovely watery, loose impressionism around the edges.

From top to bottom: Meeting An Agent; Waiting In The Hotel Room; Liaison Meeting; Contact; Agent Giving Information To SIS Officer

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