Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Ball

The annual Life Ball held in Vienna is not only the largest AIDS charity event in Europe but one of the largest charity events of any kind in the entire world. Each year, celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Elton John and Neil Tennant join politicians such as Bill Clinton and a plethora of party-goers for concerts by performers such as Katy Perry and Nina Hagen, fashion shows by internationally famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein--and dancing. Lots of dancing.

This year's Life Ball takes place on May 21st. And to promote that, photographers Susanne Stemmer and Markus Morianz collaborated on a series of images based on this year's theme: "Spread the Wings of Tolerance," based on figures from Greek, Roman and Christian mythology. I see Zeus disguised as an eagle whisking Ganymede away, Icarus falling, Nike, Mercury, and Archangels Michael and Gabriel. These sumptuous images are a feast...


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