Sunday, September 11, 2011

Currently listening to...

...these three songs by James Blake: "Lindisfarne," "The Wilhelm Scream," and "Limit To Your Love." I am swooning under the spell of his voice coupled with the gently insidious, slightly menacing music. "The Wilhelm Scream" is actually a remarkable song--I love how it seems like an off-kilter love song until the sound starts to lose focus and dissipate into fog toward the end. And I love how "Limit To Your Love" seems like a blues song but is actually a subtle sonic experiment in space and echoes.

The videos are absolutely spectacular as well. Each one is a work of art: imaginative, visually clear and penetrating, but psychologically rich, dense, and enigmatic, especially the curious "Lindisfarne."


Stephen said...

Wow! Just a big WOW. Becuase of you I have now added Mr Blake to my collection.

Jeff said...


I agree! Blake's music is a definite "Wow." It is very understated and very special... odd and unique without announcing itself as such. It takes talent to do that!