Saturday, October 15, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--Jeremy Geddes

I am spellbound by these haunting images of cosmonauts and astronauts painted by the amazingly talented Jeremy Geddes. His near-photo-realism is breathtaking but the subject matter is so arresting, dream-like, and surreal. It is as if these astronauts beamed in from space; they clearly do not belong in these urban landscapes (and even more alarming is the absence of other people in these busy cities and the seeming lack of gravity). The astronauts seem lost, lonely, even in danger (or dead). The metaphysical aspect is undeniable as well with the presence of doves and the beatific postures and positions of the anonymous men in the suits.

Top to bottom: Adrift; Alley; Freeway; Heat Death; Redemption; The Street; There is Glory In Our Failure; White Cosmonaut

Geddes' work reminds me of some photos I have seen floating around on blogs for a while now. I love them, but do not know who the photographer is. I would love to give credit to these marvelous images. Anyone know who created them? (I feel like they are all by the same photographer, but I should not assume!) Let me know.

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