Friday, December 30, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--Graham Durward

Scottish born artist Graham Durward now lives and works in New York. His images often feature figures with obscured faces, a technique of many modern artists, which I mentioned here in a previous post. Other artists use the technique as a reference for psychological states but I feel Durward uses it to emphasize a certain feeling of anonymous sex... and in fact, he ofen uses sexually charged photos from the internet for inspiration. For Untitled (Man With Fruit), the last piece show here, he used a model he found from the internet. In this way, his work speaks more to the voyeurism of the viewer than it does to a hidden mood or state of mind of the subject.

I can't find a dedicated website for him, but I did find him at the Saatchi in London and he is represented by a gallery in that city as well.

At the Saatchi Gallery:

At the Maureen Paley Gallery:

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