Thursday, January 19, 2012

BEAUTY: Installation--Leandro Erlich

A life-size image of a typical French house spread on the ground. A cantilevered mirror over it. You, on said house, watching yourself in the mirror, as though you are climbing the façade. Artist Leandro Erlich's interactive, charming installation Bâtiment is on display in Paris as part of the "In_Perceptions" show at Le 104.

Erlich has done some marvelous installations in the past. Quite a few focus on elevators (a special fascination/ fear on the part of the artist?) such as the illusion of an elevator stuck between floors or the recreation of an elevator shaft on its side, so gallery patrons can walk through it. Others, like the swimming pool, sideways staircase, or psychiatrist's office create a viewpoint of anxiety, putting the viewer somewhere one is not entirely comfortable.

Top to bottom: Bâtiment; The Shaft; Elevator Maze (two views); Staircase (two views); Stuck Elevator; Swimming Pool; Le Cabinet du Psy (three views)

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