Thursday, January 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--John Galliano

Since John Galliano remains on extended "hiatus" after his drunken and very public anti-Semitic tirade, Galliano's right-hand man Bill Gaytten has been designing the collections (although one strongly suspects that Galliano is unofficially still around, perhaps sketching in a corner, giving a thumbs up or down to what Gaytten is creating) and for the house's most recent showing at Paris Fashion Week, Gaytten took as his inspiration the beautiful illustrations of legendary ad-man J.C. Leyendecker who created many covers for The Saturday Evening Post, and was responsible for the Arrow Collar Man who was modeled on his own longtime partner, Charles Beach. Dashing, elegant, confident yet soft--Gaytten got it all just right. He captured the look and feel of the early 20s from Leyendecker's lovely art, seen after the clothing.

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