Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BEAUTY: Ceramics--Anna Barlow

UK artist Anna Barlow is apparently a master of ceramics. She creates stunningly life-like ice cream treats entirely rendered in porcelain. These pieces suggest ideas of preposterous excess, consumption, and gluttony. Her fascination with food is detailed at The Bicha Gallery's website:

"Anna Barlow has always been fascinated by the way we eat food, especially by the rituals around celebrational or indulgent treats that have developed; the way they are assembled, displayed and then eaten. She is also interested in how food tells a story of the people and place it’s in. A full stand of ice creams could suggest a hot day or treats abandoned for some mysterious reason. The beauty of food left to melt and ooze holds a fascination for her. It is something that is usually over looked and temporary but this can be captured and frozen in time with clay and glaze. She has focused on ice cream as it is such a momentary and yet memorable treat that most of us have experienced and therefore can evoke memories of sensations and tastes, as well as prompt a fantasy of desired indulgences."

Top to bottom: Group Of Baby Bears; Mr. Much Too Much; Super Tutti Sundaes; Sweet Heaven On Earth

See her work through London's Bicha Gallery website:

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