Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Kim Keever creates art that exists in many forms. He starts by creating miniature landscapes. These dioramas are painstakingly assembled in a 100-gallon fish tank which is then filled with water. At this point Keever theatrically lights these mysterious, fictional landscapes and drops pigments into the water to create fog, clouds, and a rich, dense atmosphere that would be the envy of any classical landscape painter. But the process is not over. Keever photographs the result but he must work quickly as the pigments spread swirl. The resulting photos are blown up to a large size for exhibition. The sense of the mythical locations feels both familiar and alien. The emptiness gives the viewer an impending sense, that something else is either approaching or has just left...

Top to bottom: Waterfall 110b1; Waterfall 114e1; West 91; Wildflowers 52i; Eroding Mountain

Below: Keever at work in his studio

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