Thursday, April 12, 2012

BEAUTY: Illustration--Rob Dunlavey

Fine artist and illustrator Rob Dunlavey fantasizes about what he refers to as Crystal Cities, his sketches, doodles, and renderings of medieval cities and castles. But because of Dunlavey's wonderful color palette and shapes, I get a very 1960s/ Alexander Girard vibe... and from there, of course I can't help but flash on the iconic "It's A Small World" ride at Disney parks...

Here is Dunlavey's website:

Alexander Girard created these designs for notecards and wrapping paper.

Here are Girard's classic dolls he designed, carved, and painted himself. A few years ago, Vitra reissued these little gems.

And here is a view of "It's A Small World"... see what I mean?


Rob Dunlavey said...

It's nice to be included in such great company! Thank you for the review :) --Rob DUnlavey

Jeff (Geoff) said...


Keep creating your Crystal Cities--they are lovely and fun to see!