Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, we just finished Paris Fashion Week and there are a lot of wonderful ideas and inspiration, as well as shapes and colors to sift through.

Nicola Formichetti was named head of Thierry Mugler two years ago and so far he has not rocked the Mugler boat too much, if at all (aside from simplifying the name of the house to MUGLER). His Spring Summer '13 collection seemed a bit more tame and wearable and featured tightly tailored jackets. But the spectre of MUGLER was present in the barely-there tops under said jackets, and what look like weight-lifter shorts. Despite the fact that this season's MUGLER model was wearing a suit jacket, he still could have been featured on stage at a gay nightclub in those cut-away tops revealing smooth abs and pecs! Yet the color palette seemed new--sea foam and coral--as well as what's Matthew Schneier called an "oily leather jellyfish fabric" which all played nicely into Formichetti's post-show announcement: "I just want to concentrate. I want to unplug from Wi-Fi, so I went under the sea."

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