Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BEAUTY: Mixed Media Art--Sit

A Dutch artist who calls himself Sit has created a stunning piece of art commenting on the ideas and culture of fashion and beauty. These alligator shoes, called Killer Heels, are not real alligator but sculpted marvels that look completely wearable.

He also works in large scale sculptures and drawings. The life-size sculpture below, entitled Haiiro Trash, not only addresses notions of fashion and beauty but the trash nature of our current throw-away culture, and evokes useless celebrities who have often gained fame through exhibiting their ugly, petty behavior on reality television shows, or perhaps by desperately exhibiting their panty-less crotches to paparazzi while exiting cars.

The series of drawings below, which Sit calls Haiiro, speak to the state of anxiety of modern life. They recall Robert Longo's drawings of 1980s Wall Street types being struck by some tremendous invisible force. While Longo's subjects were taken unaware, Sit's subjects are doing the only thing they can do: run.

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