Sunday, March 10, 2013

London Grammar

I have been listening to these two songs on repeat for an hour or more now... can't get enough of this young English trio, fronted by one Hannah with an absolutely swoon-worthy voice.

Their EP "Metal and Dust" is available on the UK iTunes only... for now. I predict big things for these three.


Nicola Black said...

Completely obsessed with these guys - their stuff is not available on the Australia iTunes either. Silly iTunes!

Nicola Black said...

Obsessed with these guys - can't get their stuff on Australian iTunes either. Sad!

Jeff (Geoff) said...


Agreed on both accounts!

They are pretty amazing.

If I were in London Grammar, I would be a little angry that fans around the world were being denied the opportunity to buy my work! Hope iTunes wakes up soon!

Thanks for dropping by and for the comment!