Thursday, May 2, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--Jaeyeol Han

Working with only primary-colored oil bars on blank canvas, Jaeyeol Han creates Expressionistic portraits of people he passes on the street. The impression from these quick glances makes its way, viscerally, onto his canvases. Sometimes when I am in a public place for any length of time, I love to look at people; it can be a bit overwhelming to really understand, to hold in one's mind, the concept that each one of these people one is seeing pass by has a birth, parents, a childhood, a life of memories, places they have lived, places they have been, friends they have loved and hated, partners or mates, an education (whether complete or interrupted), jobs (whether grand or menial), dreams, pets (whether direct or indirect), good days, bad days, loved ones who have died, regrets, hopes, some kind of sickness of disease (no one is truly perfect, and without any physical issue), and music floating around in their heads. Try it sometime: feel the depth and enormity of each one of those elements, and put all of this, this totality of consciousness and being, into each person you see pass by, and try to compound it, adding all the lives and consciousnesses together. See how far you get...

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