Saturday, July 13, 2013

BEAUTY: Mixed Media--Regan Rosburg

Wow, the list of what goes into the art of Regan Rosburg is fascinating: wasp nests, chop sticks, trash, lace, plastic bags, leaves, string, teeth, seashells, construction mesh, the remains of real wasps/ cicadas/ hummingbirds/ ants/ honey bees/ black widows/ ladybugs, seed pods, electric plug, animal bones, twigs, feathers, and dried forest mushrooms. She embeds all of these objects into resin on her magnificent paintings. The resulting foggy, hazy images are magical. Her elegant compositions belie the visceral, sobering message of her art: the natural world is fraught with death and peril, beauty can be deadly, and there is no "justice" when dealing with the natural order of things...

Top to bottom: Her Private Downpour; The Empire; The Harbinger: The Invisible Audience; The Refuge; Go Tell The Others

Visit her website to see more work, and to view detailed images!

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