Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--Andrew Sendor

The absorbing work of New York artist Andrew Sendor presents a delicious art-world paradox: art within art. He paints tableaux of fictional art installations which feature human beings along with various mixed media elements. Sometimes more than one piece of art occupies the frame. And here is the kicker: none of the pieces have been created yet, having dates of creation in the future. And the cherry on the cake of the whole anomaly is that the names of his paintings are the names of the fictional pieces depicted!

Top to bottom:
1) Installation View: Alton Ambrose Booker, Artist Unknown, 2027, human being, horse and mixed media, dimensions variable, This is not a room, Giles Godfrey, 2026, 2 channel video projection

2) Installation View: Antonio Otero III, Artist Unknown, 2023, human being and mixed media, dimensions variable, Are the Birds Really Free, R. Zimmerman, 2023, black and white video projection, dimensions variable

3) Installation view: Esmé Augustijn, Artist unknown, 2033, human being and mixed media, dimensions variable, Without a Title, Aart Ruben, 2033, mixed media, dimensions variable

4) Installation view: Grey matter #41.4, Grey matter #1.7, Grey matter #0.88, Artists Unknown, 2036, 3-D holographic projection, Ambrotypes mounted to brass, dimensions variable

5) Installation view: Mercedes Mwanajuma, Artist Unknown, 2039, human being and mixed media, dimensions variable, An Allegory of Dimensional History, Dr. Hhummer, 2038, mixed media, dimensions variable

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