Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rick Owens Step Dances

Regular readers know that although I follow both men's and women's fashion, I usually only post during men's fashion weeks (London, Italy, Paris). But every now and then, something comes along from the world of women's wear that is simply too good to pass up. This is the case with "Vicious," Rick Owens' most recent show for his Spring/Summer '14 collection. I adore Rick Owens for his otherworldly, science fiction aesthetic, and this women's collection is just flooring. Of course the clothing is classic Owens--extremely strong, angular, architectural statements--but the presentation is stunning. He went to the southern United States to gather step dancing teams to model his creations. The energy and spirit the dancers bring is bold, direct, and a bit menacing (quite on purpose--listen to Owens speak about the concept of "teams" in the video). Choreographer LeeAnet Noble says that for the "Vicious" clothing to marry with the "vicious" art form, she combined dance moves from Africa (Zulu), percussive dance, and step dancing. Wow. It's just marvelous.

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