Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BEAUTY: Painting--Carol Marine

West Coast artist Carol Marine is dedicated to creating a small, 6" x 6" painting every day. Because of the speed with which she must work in order to accomplish this feat, her style for these small pieces is loose, impressionistic, and so engaging. I am sure such disciplined practice is useful for larger, more time intensive paintings, but I love these marvelous little studies which allow us to see each glorious glob of paint and each confident brush stroke. And I love her sense of composition: her subjects might be drawn from "ordinary life," but her framing and colors elevate each scene. If you see something you like, she sells these daily pieces at Daily Paintworks. Matted and mounted in larger frames, these little gems could look great in a grouping of four or six!

Her blog for her daily paintings:

And check out her full artist website:

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