Friday, May 2, 2014

"Gan-Gan" by Gemma Green-Hope

This is an absolutely lovely, touching tribute from a granddaughter to her recently deceased grandmother.

The filmmaker Gemma Green-Hope says, "After her death in 2010, I helped my father and uncle sort through some of her possessions. I inherited some of her clothes to wear, books to read, a bicycle to ride. But how do you make sense of all the other things that someone leaves behind, the things nobody sees, boxes full of photographs, and bits of string?"

Indeed, the space left behind when someone you love dies is disorienting and bewildering. They may be gone, but all of their things are still here, making one wonder on a deeper emotional level, "Well, how can they be gone when their things are still here?"... that is one of the toughest parts of grief.

Green-Hope avoids being overly sentimental and by doing so manages to make her memories of her grandmother even more vital and important. This is the way to remember someone...

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