Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome, Ian!

Stellar Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe has come out. During his professional career, Thorpe won nine Olympic medals, 11 world titles, and set 13 long course world records. If that is not success, then what is? But he has been open about his struggles with depression, alcohol, and suicidal thoughts which, as we now know, plague gay men and women exponentially more than their heterosexual counterparts. Gay men and women have increased risk of depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide specifically because of the hostile climate the world directs at us; it is an understandable reaction and a way to numb, cope, or self-medicate. Thorpe, after years of speculation from the public and denial from him, has decided to take the huge leap and present his authentic self. This is an act of bravery, especially given his emotional history and the fact that he has been in the public eye since the too-young age of 14.

Much continued success to you, Ian.
May you find the peace of mind and heart, and ease of living you deserve.

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