Saturday, August 9, 2014

BEAUTY: Ceramics--Yasha Butler

These stunning ceramic plates are by Yasha Butler. She calls this collection "Functional Landscapes Indigo," made up of shapes and designs from her previous collections "Plateau," "Dune," "Puddle," and "Mineral."

A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Butler says of her work, "I want you to see the world that I see. I want you to experience the sun bleached cliffs, the dry aromatic bushes and the salty Mediterranean waters of my home. I want you to see beauty emerging from the delicate balance of opposites – the intentional and the random, the rough and the smooth, the linear and the organic, the old and the new."

The part that gets me, aside from the sinuous organic shapes, is the color. Indigo is the perfect name for this collection's colorway. Like the shells of  fresh mussels...

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