Monday, August 11, 2014

BEAUTY: Glass--Studio Formafantasma

Studio Formafantasma are Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, Italian designers based in The Netherlands whose most recent series, "DE NATURA FOSSILIUM," refers to the 2013 eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily. These mind boggling constructions you see here are actually blown glass made from remelted lava rock. I adore the combination of slick, smooth shapes (mouth blown lava rock, and colored Murano glass) and the highly textured original lava rock.

Their website says:
"Volcanic glass, procured by remelting Etna’s rocks, has been mouth-blown into unique vessels or cast into box-like structures that purposefully allude to the illegal dwellings and assorted buildings that have developed at the foot of the volcano. Drawing on their own vocabulary, these solitary glass boxes and mysterious black buildings have been finished with such archetypal Formafantasma detailing as cotton ribbons and Murano glass plaques. By returning the rocks to their original molten state Formafantasma are reversing the natural timeline of the material and forcing a dialogue between the natural and manmade."

Future relics. WOW.

Above left to right: Alicudi; Linguaglossa; Zafferana

Above: Three views of Alicudi

Above: Two views of Salina

Above: Filicudi

Above: Three views of Valle del Bove

Above: Zafferana

Above: Three views of Giarre

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