Saturday, August 23, 2014

BEAUTY: Soft Sculpture--Yumi Okita

Yumi Okita's over-sized cloth moths are a delight. They bring to mind Mosura (Mothra), the giant fuzzy moth from the "Godzilla" films!

I am also reminded of another unusual plush toy animal: years and years ago, my best friend/roommate and I went to visit the then-new Monterey Bay Aquarium here in Northern California. In the gift shop, they had racks and racks of all the expected stuffed animals, all the cute and cuddly ones like otters, pelicans, seals, dolphins, even whales. And then she spotted it: a plush toy sting ray, all flat and evil. She just had to have it! I still marvel at what an odd choice it was to make a ray into a stuffed animal. Who gave that the green light at the toy factory?

Yumi Okita's Etsy store:

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