Friday, August 1, 2014

Provence and The Côte d'Azur, 2014

I am back from my visit to Provence (for the lavender harvest) and the Riviera (for the fun of it). I had a fantastic time and love this part of France the more I explore it.

I extend huge thank yous to all the people who opened their homes, businesses, and hearts and minds to us and for making our time there so special. Mille mercis to our friend Pierre Bertou for his kindness and thoughtfulness, the Wilsons at the mas, Helen for her delicious contributions, Patisserie Jouvaud for adding to our experience, David Sabon for his hospitality, Chef Christophe Bonzi for his good humour and good food, and Chef Eric Sapet for a lovely meal in his exquisite garden. Extra special big thank yous to Pascale Palun for her vision, art, and kindness and Bruno Ré for his generosity. And finally, I can't thank enough the phenomenal, masterful Sherry Page for her knowledge, enthusiasm, grace, and all-around beautiful soul. Mille mercis encore!

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