Friday, November 28, 2014

BEAUTY: Mixed Media--Kendal Murray

The miniature worlds Kendal Murray creates on top of old purses, old-fashioned compact mirrors, and in second-hand bowls and found bottles are engrossing. I catch myself leaning in to study each inch, to discover each hidden character, and unearth the narrative she presents...

And take a look at the abstract rhyming titles of each piece (listed at the bottom of this post): they add to the understanding or mystique of each tableau.

Top to bottom: Breakfast Time, Just In Time; Come Around, Lost Or Found; Conflate, Restate, Real Estate; Discreet, Sweet Deceit; Disguise, Surprise; Fade, Persuade, Shade; Flower Sellers, Glass House Dwellers; Humming, Forthcoming; Pond, Respond, Abscond; Sublime Climb, Eye Rhyme

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