Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Under The Pressure" by The War On Drugs

WOW. This song and video are stunning. The War On Drugs, fronted by Adam Granduciel ("big sky?"), blend a melancholy, nearly-psychedelic sound that really gets into a fantastic groove with a gloriously amorphous, gossamer texture for a truly cosmic ending in this expansive, epic almost-nine-minute track. I normally think bands just hanging around playing their instruments in their music videos is a kind of cop out, but here the members of The War On Drugs play their instruments alone, isolated in a courtyard, facing into a corner, or toward a window, but away from us. Separated. This plays a significant subliminal role in the sense of the impressionistic narrative while scenes of suburban loneliness roll past us, once removed.

Engaging, beautiful, touching, and transforming.


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