Friday, January 23, 2015

BEAUTY: Clothing--Balenciaga

Head of Balenciaga since 2012, Alexander Wang continues to channel clothing from a future that will probaby never arrive, but it is fun to imagine such a sleek, ultra-functioning, ultra-high-tech future anyhow. When I posted his Spring-Summer '15 collection here, I remarked about how similar it all felt to the amazing costumes for the equally amazing live-action film of "Aeon Flux"  and the set for Wang's lookbook for this current collection, with its cement stairs and wall, and carefully planned "random" hills and unnaturally green grass even looks like some of the sets from "Aeon Flux" which portrayed a sanitized, engineered city of the future. And here we are again with the same glorious, spartan silhouette that looks it should be worn on the Lunar Colony...if we ever get one. And those boots! They appear to have a little pocket on the side!

Below: costumes from "Aeon Flux"

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