Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BEAUTY: Clothing--Belstaff

Ah, another manly, sexy collection from Belstaff on some rough and mature models...just how I likes 'em. For FW '15-'16, Belstaff returned to its 1924 roots with a collection of biker wear. The company started by making waterproof jackets for motorcyclists but it was easy to see this was not 1924; rather the collection and especially the presentation placed itself in the English biker subculture, Ton-Up (a British equivalent to American "greasers" and Marlon Brando-"Wild One" types), in the 1950s.

The Belstaff lookbook usually features mature models and there were a pair of not-classically-handsome but way-handsome-nonetheless men for this collection. I love the channel tufted cycle pants and that white shearling trench is gorgeous...and I like how the boot is a cross between a classic engineer and a sort of Rick Owens-futuristic shape.

But the presentation was pure theatrics. Models lounged around a replica of a 1950s cafe, the type frequented by a type of Ton-Up referred to as a "café racer" since bikers used these roadside diners as starting and finishing points for motorcycle races. The blue leather jacket stands out the most...

I know there is nothing revolutionary or astonishing about this collection...it's just sexy, that's all.


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