Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BEAUTY: Soft Sculpture--Tasha Lewis

Tasha Lewis creates soft sculpture animals caught in mid-flight, mid-jump, mid-fall, mid-pounce. The individual pieces are held together by magnets so they seem to be breaking through a clear plane, suspended in impossibility. She uses a process called cyanotype to create pieces of each animals which she then stitches together around an armature of wood, paper, and glue. The results are lyrical yet slightly ominous.

For her gallery show "Moments of Thaw," she collected many of these fascinating animal pieces and brought them together in a fantastical, paralyzed menagerie. Her large installation "The Herd" ran through the center of the space...

..while her "Fox" lounged a few feet above the floor.

Lewis says she imagines that when time picks back up again, the "Falling Jaguar" will right itself.

The "Octopus" has its tentacles penetrating the glass of the bell jar...

...while the "Snake" pokes its head into its jar.

And only the "Sparrow"s wings are outside of this bell jar.


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