Sunday, May 17, 2015


I never had a treehouse when I was growing up, but I would love one now! Especially one of these:

You can actually stay at this enchanting treehouse (one of a grouping of three!) in Atlanta, Georgia through Airbnb!

This Colorado treehouse may be rustic on the outside but is pretty sophisticated on the inside with its Le Corbusier lounger and overhead halogen lights!

Built by Wild Tree Woodworks in western Washington state, the Sanctuary Treehouse looks like a full sized house nestled among five Douglas firs!

What could be more fun than a treehouse in the snow? This amazing spot is one of several treehouses at Les Ecotagnes located in the Alps, in the Haute-Savoie region of France. The bedroom has a small pot-bellied cast iron stove for heat!

And from the snowy Alps to the warm Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa. Take a look at these two incredible treehouses, available nightly at the Lion Sands Game Reserve located inside Sabi Sand Reserve, next to Kruger National Park.

The Chalkley Treehouse looks like the adventure of a lifetime. According to the Reserve, "Guy Aubrey Chalkley once set up camp in a majestic centuries-old Leadwood Tree to escape the predators roaming the plains below. We decided that this would be the ideal place to build the ultimate bush bedroom, and so came to be The Chalkley Treehouse.

A secure and lavish platform under the stars, the treehouse has all the 5-star comforts, but affords an experience as wild as the animals that roam beneath it. Guests are taken to the treehouse at sunset, where drinks and a scrumptious picnic dinner await."

And the Kingston Treehouse is even more lavish! Made of wood and glass, it boasts a shower, toilet, double vanity and for safety, a single entrance with a drawbridge!

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