Saturday, June 27, 2015

BEAUTY: Clothing--Givenchy

Jesus Givenchy Christ Superstar.

Allow me to execute--pardon the pun, considering the collection's inspiration--a stream of consciousness riff on Riccardo Tisci's Spring Summer '16 collection:
Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Jesus Christ.
The highly superstitious Catholic community.
Latino gangs.
Keys to prison cells.

Tisci himself said the collection is about "bad boys and bad girls" who, in sheer and lacy dresses with fringe reminiscent of Spanish shawls, came along for the ride with their men. Tim Blanks at said, "His inspiration was Jesus Christ, the most famous prisoner of all time and, as such, an icon for men in jail. It fascinated Tisci that Jesus is just as much a pinup on a cell wall as are pictures of pneumatic beauties torn from magazines. So he put them both on his catwalk." Models wandered through a series of caged cells in the open air venue and assertively flaunted their work and prison wear. Jesus showed up in vivid detail (along with what is presumably his prisoner number) and in faint, ghostly images à la the Shroud of Turin on black and white denim.

It is interesting to see the tone, texture, and palette of this collection that embraces religious iconography versus a past Givenchy collection of the same or similar tone. Look back here at Tisci's SS '13 show using images of Mary, mother of Jesus, which featured pinks, whites, and diaphanous and satin materials.

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