Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Earth" by Dream Koala

Another devastating video from Dream Koala (previously here): "Earth" from his EP entitled "Earth.Home.Destroyed."

He told website The Fader, "What I wanted to illustrate through the words and the music video is the fragility of the human race against the titanic forces of nature. Our anthropocentrism makes us forget that nature will eventually annihilate the men, but that life always will pave a path through the ages."

Have you ever seen the lights
Of a thousand exploding suns?
Kingdoms and cathedrals under the ocean
Because no god can save us from ourselves
No god can save me from myself

So I will remember the earth as it was
And let my dead body floating in space
When my time will come

We can’t escape from here
Our time has come
As we see the world collapsing so close from the end
Our time has come

Yup. That about covers it.

The video clearly shows more than just "the forces of nature" at work...the lyrics themselves say that we can't save us from ourselves. We've done it.

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