Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BEAUTY: Interiors--Candace Shaw

Interior designer Candace Shaw collaborated with Maxine Granovsky Gluskin and her husband Ira to create a fantastic home in Toronto. The home might seem rather neutral but look closely at the details, the shapes, the forms, the balance of texture and pattern and color, and the composition of each room. Shaw's talents are evident in touches like orange silk curtains in an understated dining room, the classic and whimsical Pedro Friedeburg hand chair in the living room, salvaged Baroque columns that create an ad hoc four-poster bed in the master suite, and a Kelly Wearstler ink-splattered carpet in the study.

But it is Shaw's client Maxine, president of the Art Gallery of Ontario's board of trustees, who has collected a stunning display of modern photographic portraiture and modern art to grace the walls of the home and serve as a counterpoint to what at first glance seems like more traditional elements such as a Chippendale-style fretwork stair rail and classical moldings in the hallway.

Photos from Elle Decor

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