Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inverted Spaces Wallcovering

I love using wallpaper in projects for my interior design clients. Those of a certain age shudder at the mere mention of wallpaper, having mental connections to mom's foil-covered powder room or grandma's floral kitchen. But current wallpaper is artistic, expressive, unique, luxurious, and interesting. Read the product description below from the website of Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper about their "Inverted Spaces" wallcovering.

"Created in collaboration with Amsterdam-based design studio BCXSY, Inverted Spaces is a non-repeating wall mural conceived from archival NASA space photography. The concept is an exploration of celestial spaces, both imagined and real, and celebrates the fascination of the infinity that has surrounded us since the dawn of mankind."

This gorgeous, completely bespoke product comes in six colorways. Each order is custom printed to fit project dimensions and is seamless and non-repeating when installed

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