Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Bahia" by Prince Rama

I am just loving the bouncy, groovy, retro-80s (Ray Parker Jr. singing "Ghostbusters" anyone?), electro-fun track "Bahia" by sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson who call themselves Prince Rama. The song will be released on their "Xtreme Now" collection on March 4th, 2016.

Of them, Interview magazine wrote: "For 'Xtreme Now,' Prince Rama's reported influences include Monster Energy Drink, living in a black metal commune on the island Vormsi off the coast of Estonia, the past, the present, the not-too-distant future, Scandinavian folklore, near-death experiences, ancient ruins, and Vikings. And here's what these seemingly disparate elements have in common: Each emphasizes an artistic preoccupation with mysticism and altered states, whether induced or internalized. 'Every day, we were steeped in the wooded womb of Scandinavian mysticism, pastoral community, and pagan lore whose same spirit gave birth to the black metal music scene,' Taraka recalls. Despite having shared roots, however, Prince Rama's music bears little similarity to Scandinavian black metal. Instead, it sounds a lot more like a postmodern interpretation of glam rock, blending visual art (the sisters' art has been displayed at the Whitney Museum of American Art; visuals have long been an important part of their live show, from glitzy makeup to bright flashing lights), the written word (Taraka wrote a manifesto entitled Now Age detailing Prince Rama's aesthetic principles and providing a framework for the new album), and, of course, a strong bass.

The lead single 'Bahia'... is buoyant and electrifying, propelled by a pounding beat and Taraka's voice. She's both male and female on the track, using her dulcet voice and a pitch-shift effect to achieve two different characters. 'Don't ask me what the lyrics mean,' Taraka says. 'A male cyborg character came to me to sing some of the parts, and I heard the verses to be almost like a duet between two robot nymphs...Like most of the songs on the record, I just watched a bunch of Go-Pro extreme sports videos on mute and tried to figure out what the score should be.'"


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