Thursday, March 17, 2016

BEAUTY: Installation--Antiroom

For the 2014 European Architecture Students Assembly (EaSa), Elena Chiavi, Karl Ebejer, and Matteo Goldoni created an intriguing installation. They referred to their structure as an "antiroom," a structure that is open to the sky and stars above and accessible by swinging doors which sway in the breeze, never latched or locked. The Antiroom I was circular, a primordial shape, and painted red...and deliberately referenced an amphitheater.

And for the following EaSa in 2015, Elena Chiavi and Matteo Goldoni worked with Ahmad El Mad to create Antiroom II in Valletta, Malta. It was in essence a photo negative of Antiroom I: white vs. red, hard vs. diaphanous, standing firm on ground vs. floating on water...accessible only by swimming or by boat. Yin vs. Yang.

And for both of the Antirooms, the team used a Borges quote as a touchstone:
“It is true that I do not leave my house, but it is also true that its doors (which are infinite in number) are open day and night to man and animal alike. Anyone who wishes may enter. One will not find feminine extravagance here, nor gallant courtly ritual, just quiet and solitude. Here one will find a house like no other on the face of the Earth. (They who declare that in Egypt exists another similar are lying). Even my detractors admit that there is not a single piece of furniture in the house. Another ridiculous tale claims that I, Asterion, am a prisoner. Need I repeat that there are no closed doors? Should I add that there are no locks?”
--Jorge Luis Borges, The House of Asterion

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