Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Warner Williams

Warner Williams paints kaleidoscopic images of California's landscapes and locations, creating an homage to the Golden State. I love how he layers classic West Coast architecture on the bottom of the canvas over an equally classic California vista on top. He says, "By using multiple vanishing points I can see over many horizons. I seek the level of poetry and music in a tightly structured whole." Whether we are seeing an A-frame cabin, a Southern California ranch house, or a South San Francisco split-level, we get to enjoy the Hollywood Hills, the Santa Monica pier or Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, or the Marin Headlands behind them. And all in candy-colored, psychedelic, technicolor!

Top to bottom: Burbank; Candyland; Daly City Fog; Frontality Motel; Hillbilly Deluxe; Liquor Store; Postcard; River Inn; Temporary Office; The Lost Coast; Trestle Glen; Dreamdate


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