Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Corporate-speak mixed with Tony Robbins-esque psycho-babble: it has invaded all aspects of society.

Artist Alan Warburton describes his nightmarish video indictment of this sickness:

"Late capitalist networked culture is obsessed with improving performance. TED speakers are cult idols, sharing their commandments for success and productivity. On social networks our friends become brands, and brands become our friends. Self-help books are interchangeable with business philosophies. In the conference room - and the weekend supplements - we learn how to shape ourselves, how to be consistent, how to operate. Reduce entropy. Maximise consistency. Become an industry of one.
You are an engine. One day you'll fly away."

Human beings aren't machines.
The societies we live in are not corporations and should not be run like one.
CEOs and rich businessmen are not fit to guide human societies.

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