Saturday, July 30, 2016

Candy Illusions by Andie's Specialty Sweets

Andie Moore and her husband Jason are candy makers extraordinaire. In a fit of Willy Wonka-esque pique, they describe themselves as "Candy Tinkerers, Sweet Toothes, 'Dreamers Of Dreams.'" And I couldn't agree more. Look at the marvelous edible candy illusions they create!

Chocolate Scrabble tiles! How wonderful is that? Look at them on a wedding cake that was featured in Martha Stewart Brides magazines. It's incredible how real they look--the subtle wood grain on each tile is amazing.

Antique buttons were the inspiration for these tangy, fruit flavored treats made from real, organic juices. They come in Tangerine, Cherry, Lemon, Green Apple, and Boysenberry.

And they make some beautiful little morsels that would be fantastic to incorporate into some kind of dessert to be served after a tropical, seafood meal. Their hard candy sea glass drops look exactly like sea glass, but melt in hour mouth...

...and how phenomenal to serve a dollop of coconut ice cream in these oyster shells with a hard candy shell (one side calcified and the other smooth and shiny) wrapped around a layer of fair trade 72% dark chocolate!

You can buy all of these treats and more at their Etsy shop!

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