Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Birthday, "Oh, By The Way!" 2016

Congratulations "Oh, By The Way," you are seven years old today!

Seven years ago, I had a dream in which I started a blog called “Oh, By The Way.” When I woke up that morning, I went to the computer and promptly started a blog called “Oh, By The Way.” Seriously--it was the first thing I did that morning, and yes, I often act out in waking life things I have dreamt.

"Oh, By The Way" is my digital scrap book of things I like, things I would share with a close friend and say: “Oh, by the way, do you know of this artist/ clothing or interior designer/ model/ singer/ actor/ gorgeous man… or, have you seen this video/ photo/ film... or heard (or do you remember) this song/ band... or, read this book/ poem/ inspiring quote... or, visited this place/ restaurant/ famous building... or, have you heard of this amazing new scientific discovery?”

And what have people responded to the most over the last seven years? Here are the Top Ten posts ranked by individual pageviews:
1) A post about Nick Wooster earned 60,367 pageviews
2) My essay about Kate Bush's phenomenal "The Ninth Wave" comes in at a whopping 15,401 pageviews (This post also has the distinction of receiving the most reader comments!)
3) The handsome Aaron Taylor Johnson was the subject of a post in 2012 that comes in at 14,922 pageviews
4) Visitors enjoyed seeing a shirtless Jared Leto in a double wrap belt to the tune of 10,123 pageviews
5) Silver-haired male model Andy Lucchesi was ogled 7,191 times...
6) ...and those who appreciate mature men with silver hair visited my "Silver Is In" page 7,120 times
7) A page featuring Sylvia Ji's artwork inspired by the Mexican Día de los Muertos festival racked up 6,921 pageviews
8) Oddly, a whimsical page about cookies (Lorna Doone, Ladyfinger, Madeleine) was seen 6,825 times
9) A post about holiday wreaths made out of old glass ornaments came up with 6,740 pageviews
10) And finally, a post about the Vatican Fashion Show segment from Fellini's amazing "Roma" film got 6,698 pageviews
Who knew?

Followers and regular readers: thank you so much! I hope you find this blog fascinating, beautiful, interesting, moving, inspiring, informative, and uplifting. Welcome to the birthday party. I'm serving several virtual dessert choices this year: lavender ice cream...

...Meyer lemon meringue tarts...

...or chocolate soufflé. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the soufflé...get your order in early. Enjoy!

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