Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Before The Dawn" Concert Recording!

Well, we've all been waiting for a DVD release of Kate Bush's now-legendary live concert extravaganza "Before The Dawn"--it was filmed over two nights during her 22 night residency at the Eventim (Hammersmith) Apollo in London in 2014. But since there is still no DVD, I'm thrilled to report that on November 25th, 2016,  Kate will release the concert recordings on both CD (3 discs with a 24 page booklet) and vinyl (4 LPs with a 24 page booklet which will have a US release on December 5th through Concord Records)! We can only hope it is a prelude to an actual DVD...but in the meantime, we can swoon over the glorious sounds. If you were lucky enough to see the show like I was, we can bask in our memories, and if you didn't get to see the show, you are in for a real treat!

Kate Bush News website reports, "Not only does each set include every song performed each night, it also includes a surprise live version of 'Never Be Mine' which was presumably cut from the actual shows for running time, marking the first appearance of a song from The Sensual World album in a Before the Dawn setting. The track was clearly originally intended to be part of the 'band performance' opening act of the shows. We also now have titles for two of the dramatised elements of the live show. Attendees will remember that actor Kevin Doyle (of Downton Abbey fame!) played the part of the concerned astronomer in the film segment that opens The Ninth Wave, 'Astronomer’s Call'. A comedic scene between Kate’s son Albert McIntosh and actor Bob Harms is now titled 'Watching Them Without Her'. 'Little Light' provides the serene choral lead-in to the powerful live version of 'Jig of Life', and Albert McIntosh takes on lead vocal duties as The Painter on the new song 'Tawny Moon', giving the lunar spectacle a prominent place in this wonderfully expanded production of A Sky of Honey in Act Three."

Here's the complete song list from the new release:

Act One
Hounds Of Love
Top Of The City
Never Be Mine
Running Up That Hill
King Of The Mountain

Act Two – The Ninth Wave
Astronomer’s Call (feat Kevin Doyle spoken monologue)
And Dream Of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch (feat Jo Servi)
Watching Them Without Her (feat Albert McIntosh and Bob Harms)
Watching You Without Me
Little Light
Jig Of Life (feat John Carder Bush)
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

Act Three – A Sky of Honey
An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link (feat Albert McIntosh)
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between
Tawny Moon (feat Albert McIntosh)

Among Angels

You can pre-order at her website, and digital versions will be available through iTunes and Amazon.

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