Saturday, February 4, 2017

Scent Drops by Harvey and John

This sinuous, sleek creation in the photos below was created by the design team of Harvey and John. Read their statement:

"Created for the new 'Grand Museé du Parfume' in Paris, Scent Drops is an experience dedicated to the 25 most used ingredients in Perfume.

We took inspiration from the liquid form of perfume and imagined a room full of drips, waves and ripples.

Each of the white drops are made of Corian, allowing for seamless joins to the smooth curves. The base of the drop, houses a removable copper finished Orb. A black, flower-like recess in each orb, works to guide the nose and amplify the sound.

You simply rotate the orb to select your language, lift off the base and smell the fragrance inside. The orb will then talk to you in your native tongue about the ingredient inside and how it has come to be used in the world of perfume.


The white drops are made of corian with inpregnated steel for strength and allow for power transfer.
We wanted to avoid screens so that the technology feels seamlessly integrated rather than the focal point.
As you rotate the orb on the base a gyro and accelerometer detect the movement and infrared signals are exchanged between the orb and the base telling it what language to speak. The base then lights up the 2 letter language code accordingly. As you lift off, a valve opens and a small fan sends the air through the scent capsules and out the trumpet of the orb for the visitor to take in. Following this, a speaker inside the orb, begins to sound the information about that particular ingredient."

A Perfume Museum!? I want to go!

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