Sunday, April 16, 2017

BEAUTY: Drawing--Lee Boyd

As I have said many times here on "Oh, By The Way," if you want to see me, a grown man of a certain age turn into an ecstatic five year old, just show me bunnies. Or better yet, let me hold and pet one. I adore them, and this time of the year is chock-a-block with rabbits and hares in all kinds of forms in all sorts of venues.

I love fine artist Lee Boyd's work from his Manimal series. Although he depicts other animals blended with human forms, I am naturally focusing on the bunnies...he works in pencil so all the images you see here are rendered in graphite.

Top to bottom: Contemplate; Don't Look Back; First Step of the Dance; Hold; Know Thyself; Never Late; Not Quite The Black Sheep; Pause; Set; What They Do Best; When Harvey Met Sally

If you would like to purchase a piece by Lee Boyd, visit his website!

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