Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Gosh" by Jamie xx


What an incredible video for the song "Gosh" by Jamie xx (English record producer, remixer and DJ James Smith). There is an amazing dream-like, apocalyptic, surreal--vaguely menacing--sense to the narrative. I will say about this video what I said when I saw the very first Matthew Barney film I ever encountered, which was the second part of his Cremaster series: "I'm not sure what I just saw, but I know it is epic and full of meaning."

And like a Matthew Barney film, this video by director Romain Gavras feels like a symbolic reenactment of some kid of process, whether natural, chemical, biological, or psychological. I love the passive albinos (wearing what looks like Craig Green, previously here), the puzzling emptiness of the faux-Parisian landscape (Tianducheng, a spectacularly failed gated community near Hangzhou, the capitol of China’s Zhejiang province, complete with its own replica Eiffel Tower), and the disturbing uniformity of the young boys. It's all so fascinating and hypnotizing.

And that final pull-out effective!

And somehow, the Behind The Scenes video is just as surreal!

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