Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Last Light" by Colin Rich

Award-winning cinematographer and director Colin Rich, who created visuals for M83 (one of my favorite bands, previously here, here, and here) when they performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 2013, has released a beautiful new time-lapse film, "Last Light." The film features the track Holograms by M83 which is taken from their soundtrack to the film "You & The Night."

Colin Rich talks about his short film:

"'Last Light' is the story of Los Angeles bearing the brunt of a tempest and the clarity that comes after the storm.
See Los Angeles in rare form.
I spent the better part of two years trying to link together a continuity of weather and light, which proved to be by far the most challenging films I have done to date. For those of you who have lived in Los Angeles, you know that rain, for the most part, is few and far between. Fueled by recent storms, I was able to capture the city in a seldom seen light; torrential rain and dark stormy skies."

It's beautiful, Colin.

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