Wednesday, July 19, 2017

BEAUTY: Interiors--Patrick Printy

Interior designer Patrick Printy is a soul after my own heart (and from my neck of the woods, Northern California!). His prior job as art director and stylist for companies like Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware allowed him to express his love of objects. I personally think that while minimalist spaces are unique and have a presence of their own, a well-curated space full of fascinating things to look at is simply more interesting. It's a design profile I strive to bring to my own interior design clients. And the well-curated Arts and Crafts home on the Oakland/Berkeley border that Printy shares with his partner Dan Holland is a perfect example of this. He has crafted a truly compelling design statement that somehow combines a timeless quality with both a modern and old-World European aesthetic, topped with a generous helping of California ease. Remarkable work.

But their Sonoma get-away house--a Dutch Colonial-inspired structure that Printy and Holland built from the ground up--is a Yang to the Oakland house's Yin. Light and bright and airy, this wine country home feels like a bit of Tuscany while combining all of the same qualities as their Oakland abode.

Patrick Printy and Dan Holland
Photos from Elle Decor

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